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About Us

Two guys in Tahoe with a surf and slope dream. How to make a viable living chasing our passions around the globe and beyond, this the question pondered. The answer the proverbial ripple to a wave, so to speak.

The ripple starts with the idea of a recycled clothing line stemming into other eco friendly endeavors. First we recycled some rejected shirts we had laying around and came the birth of RECYCLOPS. The idea spawned a whole business concept where we reprint t-shirts that have been rejected, misprinted, typoed or the championship team had their own shirts and the other guys didn’t need theirs anymore.

Adding to that using biodegradable ink and burning our screens in the sun and printing new shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton and respun cotton; made from the scraps left over after clothing manufacturers cut out patterns for t-shirts.

Our brand was created out of necessity to make an ugly reprinted shirt look cool or sick as it is. The corroded look also lets the shirt breath, so as too reduce that over inked sweaty cling. Why would anybody want to wear a reprinted shirt one might ask. To help the ecology for starters. Every reprinted shirt you wear saves the energy and materials it took to make that shirt already. This is paying forward by using a product that has already made its eco foot print and may end up in a landfill.

The extra added incentive is that for every reprinted t-shirt purchased we will donate a t-shirt to The Boys and Girls Club of America. On top of that for every product purchased on our site we will donate a dollar to our favorite organization the Surfrider Foundation, soon you will be able to choose your favorite charity, fund or eco organization.

So if you ever wanted to create a multiple win win scenario, put on some Atoxic Ragz and help us with our American dream.


Andy Smith

Terrence Gallagher

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